A software development company
focused on Blockchain technology.

Imagine a transparent Government where every decision from the smallest task
to the biggest implementation are made through Consensus.


Blockfinity is a Blockchain technology company focused on the Human Element. We leverage technology in attempts to solve some of mankind's biggest problems. Blockfinity has participated in numerous Hackathons since its inception just to prove that when we use technologies to help, great things can happen. Our platforms have proven that the challenges are no bigger than the minds and spirit of those willing to tackle them head on. From Governance and Identity systems, to Augmented Knowledge for Emergency situations, at Blockfinity our mission is to serve mankind with new solutions that will build a better world for everyone.


Mario Salazar

Founder of Blockfinity and Creator of Akiles

Nick Powers


Michelle Merriweather

UX/ Frontend developer

Yangbo Du

Facilitator /Blockfinity Community Leader

Mayank Sharma

Engineer/Community lead India